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Salon Training


Salon Training

I am bringing to you a unique opportunity for your salon to increase revenue and diversify your services by offering braiding hairstyles and techniques to your clients. With the rise of natural hair care, many clients are looking for more diverse styles, and braiding has become an increasingly popular option. Unfortunately, many salons do not offer this service, which is
a missed opportunity for your business. 

I offer individual and group training opportunities for your stylists to learn the art of braiding. My training sessions will cover the basics of braiding, including different braid types, techniques, and how to maintain braids. Individual training sessions will be customized to the needs of your stylists, while group sessions will cover the fundamentals of braiding in a more cost-effective manner.  I am confident that by offering braiding services, you will see an increase in revenue and diversify your client base. Many clients are willing to pay a premium for specialized services,
and braiding can be a profitable addition to your salon. Additionally, offering braiding services will attract a more diverse clientele, expanding your customer base and strengthening your reputation as a salon that is inclusive and accommodating. 

To schedule a training session, please contact me by phone at (613) 219-1979, email at for training sessions, and I am confident that the cost of training will be offset by the potential revenue generated from offering braiding services. By investing in the training of your stylists, you will be able to offer a valuable service that is in high demand, and set your salon apart from others in the Ottawa region. 

Thank you for considering this proposal. I look forward to working with you to expand your business and offer a more diverse range of services to your clients.


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