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Parents Camp

In-person and Online Workshop

$199, Registration open

Are you struggling to style your child's hair?

Hello everyone! I get a lot of moms who want their children to get their hair done, but they don’t know how to do it.


They don’t understand natural hair care. They don’t understand how to braid, how to twist, how to keep it healthy and looking good without  doing something that might be harmful.

This is why, I have made the decision to help as many parents, with children that have different textures with a little less stress!

Do you have mix kids with afro hair and you would like to take care of their hair but don't know how ?

Does your child have natural/textured hair but you’re not sure how to maintain it?

Struggling with dryness and knots?

Want to learn the basics of textured haircare?

Join us on our practical workshop for parents and child with natural/textured hair!

Kids braiding class
Beautiful Braids

Our exciting 2 hours workshop seeks to:


  • Teach parents the basic needs and care techniques for textured hair.

  • Teach new hair skills which help parents support their child‘s haircare as they grow and become more independent.

  • Help increase confidence in the daily maintenance and handling of their child’s hair.

  • Encourage positive attitudes towards the wide spectrum of textured hair types and your child’s own texture.

  • Help parents relate and support others facing similar hair challenges.

  • SAVE you money on hairdressing in the future!

  • We’ll be covering the basics of healthy haircare. This includes:

o Key needs of curly/textured hair

o How to moisturise, seal, section and detangle textured hair

o Hair questions and answers

Here are some of the topics we will cover in each session:


  1. How to cleanse, condition and detangle your child hair, with no tears!

  2. Tips for quick morning styles

  3. How to prep your child’s hair for sleeping.

  4. Easy styles that keep your child’s hair detangled and looking good all day.

  5. Conversations using positive words when discussing your child’s hair. suggestion of hair products

**Each Attendee pair will also receive free products samples*


This workshop is perfect for parents looking to learn the basics of textured haircare which will enable them, along with their daughter (when old enough), to begin building a unique healthy haircare regime.

The workshop will be set in my studio.

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