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One on One Classes

3 sessions program

6 Hours $799 - Group Rate available

In person and online class available

based on your own schedule.

Deposit: $200 - Register today!

Festival braid class

Learn to braid and change your life

We can train you at our Salon, boosting your own potential.​ Just you and I, where you can learn without distractions. Specialize training on model or mannequin with Instructor with proven track record.

The joy I get from teaching others how to perfect their craft is amazing.

  • Take home material and products to use at home.

  • Affordable payments

  • Guaranteed to perform braiding skills.

Included in your class:


1. Stretch the Hair

2. Sectioning the hair off

3. Installing the braids

4. Box braids – Twists

5. Triangle or square parting

6. Dutch braids

7. Baby hair - Edge tutorial

8. Removal process- clean up braid

Kit provided: Hair, Gel, Comb, Hair, clips

FB &IG @allysbraids

(613) 219-1979

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