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Kids Hair Braiding Workshop

In the comfort of your house or in my studio


Children and teens can let their imaginations lead the way while exploring the world of braiding.

This program is designed for children ages 7 to 15 and can be booked in our bright and spacious studio or in the comfort of your house.


Included in your class:


1. Stretch the Hair

2. Sectioning the hair off

3. Installing the braids

4. Box braids – Twists

5. Triangle or square parting

6. Dutch braids

7. Baby hair- Edge tutorial

8. Removal process


  • Best products

  • Health scalp hair care

Instructor ALLY will lead a demonstration followed by a practice portion where students can try out what they've learned.

We will focus on the steps to master cornrows and single braids. ​For Ages 7 to 15

In-person, 5 days at your own pace.

kids braiding hair
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